THE PROJECT: This documentary is done as part of an Oxfam International competition to advocate against small arms by showing their impact on social and economic development. All of us living in Burundi, we are able to see this dreadful connection first hand, in every day life. So we decided to participate, and this is how we came up with: "Bang for your Buck." READ MORE

Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's not actually that serious but, "c'est grave". We are in the final lap "Bangers". We are currently leading the charge but that can change in an instant. We put all of your names in the credits of the film because you are faithful "Bang" followers, or as we like to call "Bangers". And we're super happy that you have joined us on this mission. The latest news is that you can vote once a week. Which is quite a bit more voting then we're used too, even during intense election years. Also for everyone who is worried that voting scenarios are always rigged... we're quite sure that this vote isn't rigged, so give it a shot. Here's the link where you can vote:

We just finished screening the film at the UN, DCTV, a school in Brooklyn, and last but not least Tribeca. Now we're promoting the film in an effort to let the world know that these weapons need to be regulated. Now that the film has been inaugurated in New York, we'll now work to get it seen around the world. We'd love it if you shared your story of how you've been impacted by armed violence. You can share it on the "shooting poverty" website and that story will circulate in tandem with the films in an effort to pass the Arms Trade Treaty. I'd love it if you all shared your stories, and I'll even share mine if you share yours. Brice doesn't have any armed violence stories because of his posh and safe lifestyle. But the rest of us may have some stories and this would be the time to share them if you want to have an impact on regulating arms trade... how often does this sort of opportunity present itself. So come on team, let's vote and share.